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title is self-explanatory, past tense however.

i really wanted a song that had the flow, emotional intensity and unpredictability of an ocean. perhaps that’s a bit cliche.

done over the period of two months in a little dark room with an awesome fort in it in peterborough, ontario…with the addition of some great friends.

Guest said

this is still one of my favourite songs of all time (my time, my little life...but probably of all time, like the bigger time of forever).

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mmi said

Like this a lot. Methinks we all need an awesome fort filled with awesome friends...

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Norm said

Your best yet! Awesome!

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

more please!

Guest said

Can you make an extended version? 9 mins is just too teasingly short! This is a masterpiece. I REALLY love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE L<3VE this.

Guest said

Love your blend of haunting beauty and cool uneasiness. Very ghostly.

Guest said

Gorgeous, oceanic, tribal sounds.

Guest said

Great sounds. For a moment I forgot about everything else while being completely immersed in this song. Great song.

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drakonis said

wild headphone pan-osity... a lament for what is lost, but what won't quite leave the mind. Introspective trance. Nice.

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kirklynch said

I think you achieved your objective! Nice collage of sounds

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Johnny Stone said

Cool sounds mate what a journey that was.

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