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The Professor


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In Oct of 2018, I had a dream about a fully-formed Rush song. OMG, it was amazing and I couldn’t possibly recreate it in my lifetime. However, I gathered some lyrics {what’s written in the brackets} and used them in this recent song about a professor friend of mine (no, not Tom). Interestingly (and depressingly enough) the day that I completed this song, Neal Peart, my greatest lyrical influence passed away.

So, to all the professors, scholars and complex, restless and multi-faceted movers and shakers, this I dedicate to you. <3 Kat

The Professor

Don’t judge the lifetime by the ending
Or the song by the beginning
You’re sure you’ve got it all together
Until you feel that something’s missing

Can’t seem to find motivation
Outside of self-medication
You say it’s just making stories
Well, isn’t that a tidy explanation?

{And the greatest lesson you’ve learned is
never take that drink
You live your life for everyone else but
don’t care what they think}

It’s not enough to dance along the highway
When every day soon becomes someday
Standing sentry on the horizon
is everything you’ve come to rely on

{And the biggest secret of life is
don’t let it get you down
You only got a limited time when
your head’s above the ground}

Now you can’t seem to find medication
Outside of self-revelation
Sometimes you leave it by the wayside
Anything to hide your elation

{And the biggest secret of life is
don’t let it get you down}

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