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So Boring - Matt Ferrara Cover


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I tried singing both parts live, couldn’t pull it off, so I chopped half the lyrics. Sorry, Matt.

Try to fight them battles that I know, that would never can win
Try the passion then against the walls of the kids that we’re in
Try to chase the shadows in the corners that no one else will
Try to pushing forward when the problem is rather roped in


God you never know it when you trust this mess that we’re in
Trying to be talked away into something that’ll never begin
The people so indulgent but they’re fighting for marginal gains
Kinda feeling like the only way is for me to just change
(To something that I despise)

Came to rue my revenues this morning this morning
Fuck the point of hating life it’s boring so boring
That’s in hell but everyone’s ignoring avoidance
Rally round a life I need boring so boring

No more idiots all around me all around me
The age of infants feeling so alone
What does it matter now
Spiteful hypocrites bogs around me bogs surround me
In this tailspin sinking like a stone
How long till I shatter now

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