from Brooklyn, US

5 shades of blue (2015)

5 tracks by jimgoodinmusic

Five noise lap steel tracks recorded from inspiration of the Line 6 iOS amp model of the same name. Works improvised in pass and posted for ImprovFriday.


Passing the Torch (2014)

10 tracks by jimgoodinmusic

Tracks created spontaneously with heavy delay all initially inspired by Steve Tibbetts. The project has grown to include my bud and collab partner in Texas, Kavin aka Tonefreak who is currently producing the next set of pieces. Stay tuned.


Glass (2014)

3 tracks by jimgoodinmusic

Some acoustic room improvs recorded after my bike wreck, no delay just room captures.


sounds in 'c' (2014)

6 tracks by jimgoodinmusic

Experimentations with the Csound audio programming environment based on the c computer language. These pieces were built from computer generated sine tones largely, sequenced but sometimes assembled post in a DAW.


R[etro] (2014)

7 tracks by jimgoodinmusic

Some new pieces created mostly via electric violin with loops, several fed through Midi converter and producing sounds via Yamaha FM modules.