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existential dread has hit my soul
weigh me down like a lump of coal
or the monkey on my back burning fossil fuel
it’s getting harder to keep cool
keep on acting like everything’s fine
that dog in his burning house
crossing the line, break records every day
Bernie says we gotta work together and find a new way

Will tech save us?
or enslave us?
maybe AI will find a solution

©copyright 2023 Tonefreak Music

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Newbold said

I agree with Jim .. very introspective lyrics like the beat poets .. beatnik kinda song or poem song. this is unlike any I have heard from you ... is there a part two .. ,, this stuff is good.

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jimgoodinmusic said

wild set of of introspective lyrics and surprise entry in the music mix Kav - somewhere between beat poetry and lo-fi hip hop! Well done and new turf for you!

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