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Live in the studio

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr - drums
Bingsolex - guitar
Erwin B - bass, recording
KC - guitar, vovals & mix

Well you know, sometimes life can be a real rollercoaster ride
Sometimes you’re so free and easy, sometimes it’s just a fight

Refr. There will be solutions for the problems you face each day
There will be redemption when luck is coming your way

Moving through these changes, we don’t know where we go
Don’t fight what is coming, just go with the flow
There are these dark days when you just wanna stay in your bed
And days full of sunshine, feeling so free in your head


You don’t know what good is until you had a taste of the bad
You don’t know what joy is when you don’t know what it is to be sad
You live and you die and nothing seems to last
There’s so little time and way too much past


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