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Changes IV


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Here’s the last one of a batch of new songs
All instruments and vocals by me

You know, sometimes life can be a real rollercoaster ride
Sometimes I’m free and easy, sometimes I just wanna fight
It’s them changes
Sometimes my mind is empty, suffering from a writer’s block
But when my muse appears I will start to rock
It’s them changes

Refr: There will be solutions
For the problems that I face each day
There will be redemption
When love is coming my way

There are these dark days when I just wanna stay in your bed
And days full of sunshine, so free in my head
It’s them changes
You don’t know what good is until you had a taste of the bad
You don’t know what joy is when you don’t know what it is to be sad
It’s them changes


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Gary Fox said

Oh, great piano work right out of the gate. This has a great mood and vibe to it. Sweet!

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