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Cleanup time


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A new song.
I did this one on my own
Due to the corona curfew here we can’t play with the band
A song about collecting, and the piling of stuff that can become a burden

I have been gathering so much stuff
But they say that you can’t take it with you
You say: enough’s enough
And I’m just wondering what to do

Refr: It’s cleanup time - Time to clean up
It’s cleanup time - Time to give ’m up

Collecting is in my blood
Be it coins or stones or art
A new purchase feels like a shot
It just thrills the heart


Brdg: Comes a time when you have to stop
Comes a time when it’s enough
Comes a time to say goodbye
To all those precious things you love

Always on the hunt for that missing piece
Your collection must be complete
Bidding on auctions on the internet
Every purchase feels so sweet


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Colleen Dillon said

Sounds like a great song to bring about some declutter motivation!!!! Love your mellow vocal vibes on this!!

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