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This song is about those of us who have been deployed, and our deep appreciation to our nation, our brothers, and fellow soldiers, airman, marines, and seamen. This is a song written by a troop…….Ive been in the Air Force for 7 years and am on my 3rd deployment very soon….and it basically describes all of the above, mainly my “brothers” or awesome friends I have gained while deployed. I also have a deep appreciation for our country, what we stand for, and what we believe in. This song is very Hard Rock, definetly the hardest one I have done so far. I hope you enjoy!!!!


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I was listening to a marine sg. talk about what they were facing in Falujah. The enemy was taking opium, pain killers, and shooting epinephrine into was our epinephrine. They were our allies at one point. So. Basically...they were like zombies. They had to keep shooting and shooting them. I respect all ppl who have the courage to fight. Stay safe...

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