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Pensive reflections upon a hill in the mountains. After a fight, before a visit, and during weather.


Sit on the hill
Could be a beautiful view
Snowy peaks capping misty pines
A forest of history

How many have walked this way
How many have seen these skies
Uncountable numbers–and none
A chilly breeze reminds of a living moment
That would be perfect
If not for the oncoming storm

The rain will wash away dead things and memories
Then clear the path for things anew
But our footprints remain
Even after rain
Right below the surface
Stories buried in the torrent

Altered with dew and time
We forget easily
If the rain can move on, so can we

The world won’t stop turning
We won’t stop hurting
If we could find a way to be sorry
Maybe these clouds would go away
And we could enjoy the same sun today

Originally recorded 2005
Re-released June 15, 2023
Written by KV Schaefer
All vocals, instrumentation & production by KV Schaefer

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