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Us covering CCr.... Mike - Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
Our humble attempt at covering Marshall Tucker's classic.... Mike - Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
This is a Magic Mike original song weitten years before I even met him.... Mike - Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
Well it wasn't October yet, but it was warm! So I hope that counts for something... Another Mike original featuring: Mike - Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
This is a Magic Mike and LG original! Mike Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
Another from Labor Day Jam Mike - Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
Magic Mike and I got together this Labor Day in his garage for a 'Jam Session' ... This is one of the songs we played. It is a Magic Mike and Myself original and it features: Mike - Vox & Acoustic Guitar LG - Electric Guitar LG
Just me covering the Youngbloods.... LOL, or should I say me trying to cover the Youngbloods... LOL LG
Another Eric Clapton attempt... LG
Me trying to cover Eric Clapton LG
While I was practicing the chord changes to 'The Boxer' by Paul Simon...I noticed chord similarities to Blind Faith's classic 'In The Presence Of The Lord' song. So I thought, hey, why not? So I did a quickie, 1st take of it, and this is it folks…
Just me folks tryin' to make a halfway decent cover of Paul Simon's classic song...
A cover of the old Traffic song that I have been toying with.... I used a few loops of my keyboard and Drums from my Micro BR.... LG
Using a drum track laid down by a fellow collab artist up in alaska [Rata_tat_tat], I put down some silly wierdness today whilst enjoying the nice coldness of a few of Miller's finest... Ha Rata_tat_tat on drums LG on Bass Lg on guitar LG on…
We had to put our little doggie Paris down last week, so, I threw this little ode together in her honour!
Just a wild hair that had to come out today! LG
Recorded last Sunday in-between loads of laundry... LG - vox and all guitars
Last Cream cover for this weekend.... :( LG
The final recording for now.... LG
The second of three I recorded yesterday.... LG
I decided that I will do a Cream tribute album: So yesterday I recorded 3 songs, later when i have more time I will do more.... LG
Last demo for Magic Mike today ... LOL This is actually a song written by Mike, and I have offered a bit of a twist to it. Looking for some criticism LG all guitars and vox LG
Cover demo LG all guitars and vox LG
Another demo LG all guitars and vox LG
This is a Practice demo to our bands lead singer Magic Mike.... LG on guitars and vox LG
Mike sent me an email yesterday with this mp3.... I added the bass and the piano. LG
Another first run country cover from 10.15.11 jam @ Mike's Garage.... Magic Mike on vox and guitar Myself - lead guitar LG
This was our first run-thru jam on this country cover.... Magic Mike on vox and guitar Myself - lead guitar LG
This jam features myself on vox and guitar, while Mike was drinking beers and producing some interesting sound effects.... LG
We were playing around with some harmonies. Hey, the lyrics are easy, so you can sing along if you so desire! Right? Good! LG
Obvisiously a jam....we don't even have lyrics....YET! LG
We were just having a good time, jamming and drinking a few beers... LG
This song is an original Magic Mike composition, featuring Mike on vox and guitar, and myself on lead guitar. LG
Last saturday we had a little jam session, and here is the initial result. This is myself on lead guitar, and Magic Mike [Holdempok as some of you may know him by...] on vox and guitar. LG
This is my first take on my song 'The Winds Of Change'. I have been listening to it as of late. And, I believe i prefer it to my take 2... So I'm putting it on my new cd 'What?'.
I felt inspired today, so I laid down a few tracks on my Micro BR recorder using my Yamaha Keyboard... A bit of jazz for your relaxation pleasure. LG
Recorded the 1st guitar and bass and vox staurday. Today, I finished up with a lead guitar track... LG
I wrote these lyrics last year. And I've been meaning to put them to music, but, if it ain't one thing it's another, and here we are.... Well, this here started out as a recording from an old cassette tape recorder of a jam we did some 6 or 7…read more
I've always been a fan of the Allman Brothers Band! This is one of my favorites that they do.... I played all the music to this and then I asked Mike [Holdempok] to put down the vox.... LG
SongCrafter's website is running a Psych-Fest, and well it has been too long since anyone has covered Napoleon XIV anyway, so why not? Why not, I ask? You drove me outta my stinkin' mind, you mangy mutt!!!! So, ...... well, have a listen LG
? And His Glendale LG's - latest shot outta the studio straight to us! LG
Georgia 2010, LG & Wayne having a bit of an acoustic jam session, while the family 7 friends were visiting.... Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - 2nd guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
LG in Georgia 2010.... Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
You gotta love Bob Dylan! I LOVE Bob Dylan! Here's one of my favorites of his.... LG - Lead Vox & guitar Wayne 2nd Vox & guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
LG in Georgia jamming with a friend... Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
Georgia 2010 holiday visit trip... While visiting family I had a little bit of an acoustic country/blues jam.... Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
LG down in Georgia, jamming acoustics with a friend. Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
LG down in Georgia in 2010. Wayne wrote this song, and we gave it a go.... Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noise - family & friends LG
LG down in Georgia in 2010 visiting family, having a jam session with our acoustic guitars.... Wayne - Vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noise - family & friends... LG
Whilst down in Georgia last year visiting family, I friend came over to jam with me.... Wayne - vox & guitar LG - lead guitar Background noises - family & friends... LG
Final experiment. At least for a while....LOL Time to get back to Guitar & keyboard oriented stuff again! LG
Yikes!!!! I'm hooked on this stupid thing. LG
Just me experimenting more with 12sm.... LG
A Holdempok original song here to be included on the 'album' The Gregory James Band' Holdempok - vox & guitar LG - 2nd guitar LG
A song written some years ago by Holdempok and his cousin Andy Whilst jamming in his garage. They saw a little dog on the railroad track behind the garage and they began to sing move on little doggie, well it developed into move on my maria, and…read more
This is a result of a jam the Double Cross boys did a while back.... Here we have a collab featuring: Holdempok - vox & guitar LG - lead guitar & Audacity tricks Tod Wolfe - bass & drums LG
A loose freestyle jam at a Christmas Party gig in 2004 with the LSP boys.... Holdempok - lead guitar LG - bass Chad - drums LG
LSP boys at a 2004 gig.... Holdempok original song. Holdempok - vox & guitar LG - bass Chad - Drums LG
Experiment #2 .... LOL LG
Once upon a time, a guy named LG, took this computer app entitled 'i2sm' ! He realized that this would be a fun toll to experiment around musically with.... And so begins our venture into the story .... LG
Holdempok wrote this. We actually recorded this take here at work, in the lunch-room after hours... Holdempok - Vox & acoustic guitar LG - lead guitar Chad - drums LG
LSP drunk and jamming....LOL Holdempok - lead guitar Chad 'The Rock' - Vox & bass LG - drums LG
Well I suppose we hadn't got to drinkin' yet, 'cause this.n here sounds pretty good! Holdempok - Vox & acoustic guitar LG - lead guitar Chad - drums LG
Full lineup in LSP. Holdempok - Lead Vox & lead guitar LG - Backing Vox & Rhythm guitar cousin Andy - Bass Chad 'The Rock' - drums LG
LSP boys Drunk and goofing around.. ****** WARNING ***** EXPLICIT LANGUAGE ********** LG - Lead Vox & Bass guitar Holdempok - drums Chad - 2nd Vox LG
Just jamming.... lead guitar - Holdempok Bass guitar - Chad 'The Rock' drums - LG LG
Here's the boys covering the Beatles classic.... Holdempok - Lead Vox & acoustic guitar LG - @nd Vox & lead guitar Chad 'The Rock' - drums LG
Back in 2004 the LSP guys got together after work one friday, and it happened to be the 13th.... So Holdempok wanted to do this number.... Holdempok - lead guitar LG - 2nd guitar Chad 'The Rock' - drums LG
Chad 'The Rock' wrote this song. Here's the full LSP lineup: Holdempok - vox & acoustic guitar cousin Andy - Bass guitar LG - 2nd guitar Chad - drums LG
A Holdempok original - played by the full LSP lineup... Holdempok - vox & acoustic guitar LG - 2nd guitar Andy - bass guitar Chad - drums LG
LSP boys jamming after consuming a few beers... Holdempok - lead guitar cousin Andy - bass guitar LG - drums LG
Holdempok wrote this song. LSP lineup: Vox & acoustic guitar - Holdempok Bass guitar - cousin Andy 2nd guitar - LG Drums - Chad 'The Rock' LG
One summer afternoon Me & Holdempok in his garage, We already had a few beers and we had run thru our songs.... So we were free to simply create - to jam! I took the resulting jam and ran it thru Audacity and added the storm sound effects.... LG
My wife Rita wrote these lyrics. Holdempok put it to music.... This is the original version. Vox & acoustic guitar - Holdempok Lead guitars - LG LG
Holdempok wrote this. Vox & acoustic guitar - Holdempok Bass - Mr2Kewl Lead guitar - LG LG
Holdempok wrote this song for his wife! All credit goes to him for this....I only played the lead guitar to it. LG
My 1st attempt at recording using the Micro BR. An old Chuck Berry favorite.... LG
Reg told Elvis how much I liked his stuff, so he came over to LG's studio and recorded this here! LG
A Bob Dylan song that I have always loved! SongCrafter's had a Dylan-fest a while back, so I recorded this'n for that... LG
An old Irish traditional covered LG style. LG
A cover we did a while back of Tommy Tutone's song. LG
Holdempok email'd a composition he had created, and I added some guitars to it.... He asked me to upload it for all you's... LG
Written by Holdempok. This song features: Holdempok - Rhythm guitar and vocals Myself - lead guitar Chad 'The Rock' - Bass Tod - Drums We had this song hanging around a while without drums...so I uploaded to SongCrafters a while back, and asked…read more
One of my favorite Eric Clapton tunes from back in the days of Derek & the Dominoes.... I got a wild hair one day and decided to give it a go.... LG
My band xDoubleCrossx at a block party performing one of our songs penned by our bass player 'The Rock' ... Myself playing the lead guitar.... LG
Another jam session in Holdempok's garage back in October of 2010. Myself playing slide guitar, Mike chanting and playing rhythm guitar. at least until the cops came and told us to turn it down! LG
In October back in 2010, Holdempok and myself had a little jam session in his garage. After the cops had come and left....LOL, we settled down and Mike said, let's jam some blues..... What came out was this! First take on a blues thingy .... just…read more
Holdempok wrote this with his cousin Andy years ago, and here we have a recording of one of the first times that we had ever performed this as 'xDoubleCrossx', myself playing lead guitar.... I feel the magic of this as we ventured forth into the…
A song that Holdempok wrote way back in the olden days ... around 1975 or so .... This is a rendition that we [xDoubleCrossx] did live, with myself and Holdempok playing lead guitars ..... LG
As we travel along through this little rat-maze that we call life: You may say well, it is this, or you may say, it is that....But, in truth it is only time! xDoubleCrossx performing a song that Holdempok wrote, myself playing the lead guitar…
Holdempok penned this beauty! I am merely playing the lead guitar here. This is my band xDoubleCrossx: LG
Beginning as a jam, we honed this into the fine piece you hear here... Myself on lead guitar, this is my band xDoubleCrossx: LG
Written by Holdempok, and performed here by my band xDoubleCrossx, with my self on lead guitar: LG
Written by Holdempok, performed here by my band xDoubleCrossx, with myself playing the lead guitar.... LG
This began as a jam with my band xDoubleCrossx. We had played this twice before this particular recording. This recording has me playing the lead guitar.... LG
This is me attempting a latin-ishy flavor. 1 - Micro BR 1 - electric guitar 1 - Yamaha keyboard LG
Recently I awoke with the memory of a dream fresh in my mind.... I was up on stage playing this dance number, any the whole place was up on the floor dancing.... Well, I recorded it. Hey, you go peeps: LG
a bit of a new thing for me here! LG playing acoustic Lead guitar to a country song! My wife and I went down to Georgia for the holidays and we visited her sister. While we were there I had a bit of a jam session with a friend 'Duane', who wrote…
Hey everybody, Da Zoundz are everywhere! All around all of us! every day.... All I did, after consuming way too much beer one afternoon, was to capture some of them and assemble them into some sort of a musical composition! I used one of my guitars…read more
I'm not even sure where this came from!!!! It just appeared in my head one day, so I wrote it down, and this is my 1st take.... LG
A song for my new wife Rita. LG
Here's a little jam session that I did with myself and the percussion of a little silver box! A bit of a dabble into the world of jazz.... 1 - Micro BR recorder 1 - Yamaha keyboard 1 - afternoon off with a fridge full 'o beer LG
LG's Opus number 2 .... LOL My dabbling in the classical field of music with a borrowed keyboard.... LG
A song that I wrote about our currant events here on this little blue and green orb..... Performed by Me, myself and I.... LG
Ok! I met this girl in high school, we dated for 2 and a half years. She was my 1st. We broke up. I later married some one else - blah, blah, blah...The years went by....36 years to be exact! I re-met her again on facebook. I asked here over to…read more
This is a song that I wrote, and my most recent band xDoubleCrossx is performing it for the first time here. I like the innocence and purity of this performance the best, hence it's post here! LG
My old band LSP again....We were goofing around after a few beers, myself on bass guitar. I had a trip planned in the near future to New York! And here is the result.... Holdempok - Lead Vox LG - Bass & 2nd Vox Chad - drums LG
This was an older band from some years ago called LSP. We used to switch around the instruments that we played....All fun, you know.... Holdempok - lead guitar Chad - bass LG - drums LG