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I am a believer in Jesus Christ and the song “Happy girl” takes me back to high school when I got distracted from my faith and grew tired and weary of following a path I knew was against God’s perfect plan for my life. I finally allowed is love to bring me to my knees by towards the end of highschool and that’s when i could truly say that I am a “Happy girl”, because God put His joy and peace back into my heart!

Guest said

hi Lindsay this is Amanda from Woodstock -- I miss and love you very much and finally got a chance to listen to your music because I found this link on your facebook and was delighted, stop playing at Sherwoods and come sing for me in Florida!

Guest said

Love this! So sweet and fun!

Guest said

Awesome song Lindsay! This is your old friend Dennis. You have an amazing voice.

Guest said

Love you and your AMAZING voice!

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