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Shaken awake
It’s that time again
The staff tonight
Are friendly men

Standing outside
To the bone, we’re chilled
Smoking, silent, freezing
We’re all so still

My eyes, rapt, are riveted
To the calamities above
Bursting, unfurling collapse
Ejaculating fire, searching love

Smashing again and again
Like wind and water
Ripping it all away
Destroying innocent’s daughter

Makes no difference, man
I’m trading up
From cannibalism
To cover ups

I flip from Lucifer’s lap
Into this brilliant grave
My forced pout was genuine
That ripping apart, I gave

These are the leaves, fully ephemeral
The crux, this unholy mass in general
I can’t escape these pale green walls
They make the rounds, I make a call
I faintly wonder, cold and tearily
The walls, again, wearily
Are they solid, are they real, or in my head?
Is my mind the trap, bolted?
Are we alive or dead?

Too late, I run for it
It’s burned and I fall
Losing balance, crashing
My head against the wall
Nausea wells up
I try to stand and swoon
Shaken awake by the staff
It’s that time again, so soon…

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Andrew Russe said

Wow... much craziness. Love that random ding on the piano jumping out at me. Digging the lyrics... Powerful images... kinda made me think off what used to pass for a night out when I was younger!!

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witzelsucht said

Sometimes I like a bit of insanity ... nice one

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