Max Sipowicz

Max Sipowicz

from Melbourne, Australia

Second Space (2010)

9 tracks by Max Sipowicz

a musical exploration in colour and texture, using sparse instrumentation i have tried to occupy as much of the musical spectrum as possible.


Playing around with loops a bit more. I like it, although I feel that perhaps its a bit cluttered at time? Please let me know what you think. To answer some of the questions I got on the last track: The looper I use is a Digitech DL-8 Hardwire…read more
This is the first tune I wrote using an actual loop pedal. I really like the rawness of its form. The sound is sharp, it kind of attacks your ear.. but then after it loops around a few times, it calms down and sinks in.. I expect that there will…read more
Another piece using my looper. This time it's highly improvised. The main rhythm is looped, but the rest is improvised and going through a delay pedal to create some abstract and beautiful sounds.
One of a series of 4 pieces exploring the possibilities of creating texture and colour in music.
One of a series of 4 pieces exploring the possibilities of creating texture and colour in music.
One of a series of 4 pieces exploring the possibilities of creating texture and colour in music.
I tried to utilize the swelling of sound that can be created with a guitar to re-create the atmosphere around me (its been rainy all day, with some thunder in the background). This piece is semi improvisational, in that none of it was planned…read more
My girlfriend came to the music store with me yesterday to get my new delay pedal and she patiently waited while i checked it out.. so this is dedicated to her. Musically, I tried to create a rhythm and texture using only natural harmonics…read more
Just playing around with my looper again. You can probably tell I love that thing. I wanted to build up the tension and the harmony using overlapping layers of notes with basically the same rhythm.. so that the whole piece builds up and up and…

Music To Listen To At Night (2010)

5 tracks by Max Sipowicz

This is my first ep, and the first release under the name Major Shake. I'd classify the genre of music as a blend between ambient electronica and trip hop, but I don't think its up to me to judge these things. The ep is available for sale at you can download it there for free (including the high quality files) or pay for it. Thank you very much for all of your support.


I finally got around to finishing the final track on my ep. This is my debut release one could say :) I hope you enjoy it :)
Its a song that was inspired by a dream I had. In fact.. it was the soundtrack to the dream. The ending is purposely left with a feeling of being not finished, as I can't remember how the dream ended. I hope you all like it :)
This track hasnt started off sounding anything like this. I had a drum beat in my head, so I keyed it into my laptop, then edited it around and it ended up like this. then i recorded everything, and just as i was about to save it.. EVERYTHING…read more
Just a short piece of music I made to de-stress myself while working on the other tracks for my upcoming ep :)
Frustrated with how slow my solo acoustic/vocal songs are going, I decided to spend the weekend making something chilled out, just to relax myself and to let people know I haven't died. Its a short instrumental track. I call this minimalist electronica…read more