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Jammin' With Bodhi

Mike Mclaren

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Day-by-day, I find it harder to forgive the busboy who killed the metal dobro I used when I recorded this one. Lawdy, I miss that guitar!

Guest said

Great riff/feel. Super acoustic tone. National tricone?

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kirklynch said

Great playing!

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shamoozey said

This is cool,nice sounding! You should also post 6-Time's Up here on Altone! Cheers Mike.

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G-no said

Mike, this is G-no from EZ, digging ur music. I joined flatpickers but I have some stuff that don't quite fit there .I came over to check Terry and signed on cuz I thought I had to to add a comment which I didn't but since I did I figure I'll load some stuff up. You be a jamming, sounds real good. I'll be checking you out

Guest said

well played.

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Geoff Davis said

Great playing!

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terrysongs said

And if you notice at no time does his fingers leave his hand, I think there may be seven on his left hand though.

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