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This is the first song I made all by myself - words, vocals, bass, and highly FXed guitar- since I don’t really play. The drum-track is by Boss BR-1180.

The song is about someone in a crappy relationship who has finally realized she’s being messed with. She says, “Late last night is when it happened. Something snapped in me.” The s**t of the title, and chorus, refers to the BS she’s been accepting as truth, and the nonsense she’s been accepting instead of a relationship.

I don’t know where these ideas come from, but I seem to write quite a few unhappy relationship songs. My relationship is actually quite fine. So… no inferences should be drawn.

Guest said

Hells bells! i could add some sonic jihad to this

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ShamPain said

love the flangy guitar

Guest said

Not Bad at All. You are cool. This is StormShadow44

Guest said

Sounds pretty cool, you should check out my vocals:

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