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Moderate Rebels (2017)

10 tracks by monopoli

Monopoli's 10 year RPM anniversary-album about war, midlife crisis and plastic.


The first track I had lyrics and vocal for and the track that set the tone and the direction for the rest of the album for me. The lyrics were directly inspired by the situation in Syria and in general my disgust for authoritarians on the march…read more
This song doesn't really go anywhere but that maybe fits the lyrics. There are some nice guitarparts. I added a guitar, percussion and changed the drums in march for the new version.
Lyrically it's about this dream to live another kind of life as in Tim Ferriss' book. The last three years I had managed to live on working in a bar in the weekends, being a guinea pig for medical tests, travelling the world as an On Board Courier…read more
I set this up to be like a Madchester/early 90's-track. When I took out the drums in the verse (as an experiment) it suddenly reminded me of the German 60's hit Marmor, stein und Eisen bricht. Those lyrics go like "Marble, stone and iron break…read more
I had programmed a drumtrack based on Can's Vitamin C at the end of january in preparation for RPM. Last week I read that the drummer Jaki Liebzeit died the 22th of january. The other idea was to stay on one chord for a long time and use reverb…read more
Midlife crisis? I'm not going to reflect too much on these lyrics. It might be interesting to myself to hear again 5 or 10 years from now. I used a guitarnoise with a EH Graphic Fuzz and Hardwire RV-7 with a reverse reverb (I used this too in…
The lyrics are pretty bad and I had to record the second guitar through an ampsim late in the evening of the 28th. So I rerecorded that part in march and changed the drums slightly. This is where the record starts to fall apart a bit.
I had a vague idea to write a lyric about Julian Assange's daily life in the Ecuadorian Embassy; no sun, being confined to a small office-space... I didn't get round to it so I added some lame Mellotron (IK Sampletron) parts and called it finished.
Another unintentional instrumental. I quite like this as a track though it doesn't really go anywhere.
The idea of this was to combine Otis Redding's Sitting on the Dock of Bay with the perspective of a refugee (or of myself as a refugee) sitting in some port trying to flee to a better life. Though not all lines are perfect I'm quite happy with…read more

Chinese Whispers (2015)

4 tracks by monopoli

Leftovers from my failed 2013 RPM Record. Finally finished in february 2015


I was in Beijing for two weeks and I had seen a documentary called Beijing Bubbles shortly before. When I heard a band rehearse in a bar near my hotel I walked in and saw it was the guy from the doc.
These four songs were written for the RPM Challenge 2013 (which I didn't finish, I finished these songs for RPM 2015) My idea for lyrics of the record was not to use the words You an I. So that's where this came from.
The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory; work it out for yourself! :-)

0s&1s (2015)

8 tracks by monopoli

Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge


Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge
Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge

Il Pescatore (2011)

4 tracks by monopoli

I made the music for one of the shortmovies for 48 hour-film project Amsterdam ( and won the "award" for the best music :-) The movie is here: (the fourth tune was not used but I made it the day before the project as a sort of warm up for the event)


FUTURE (2011)

10 tracks by monopoli

My 5th RPM-record; written and recorded in february 2011. The last song (The long now) I partly rerecorded in october 2011 since the original was based on an uncleared sample-loop from a record. Lie about the world is my version of a song by fellow RPM-er Serene Dominic.


Technically it's OK; I like the guitar and basslines. The lyrics and vocals I'm not so fond of. I hoped to have enough time to replace this one later in february with a better one but alas, it was not to be...
'm doing a course in Mandarin Chinese and mamahuhu is one of my favourite words. It means so-so (literally horsehorsetigertiger); "not so good". In this lyric I just allowed myself to whine about my situation; get it over with. I like the harmony…read more
There is a Dutch expression Luchtfietsen/Luchtfietserij which I transated as Skycycling. It's a term for unrealistic plans/dreams. Another recent Dutch expression is Linkse Hobby (leftist hobby/leftwing hobby) which was coined by rightwingers…read more
The lyrics started out as being about talking to someone and somehow you never get on the same wavelenght. You say something and the other person goes: "Yeah, I know what you mean like this...etc..." and goes on about something you didn't mean…read more
The lyrics are pretty selfexplanatory; it's about so-called magic-pill-solutions. The doubletracked "guitarsolos" could have been better but I only recorded them on the last day and thought it might be OK a little rough and off. I did them really…read more
I had to write a lyric for this one on the last day and really had no good ideas. So, as the title says... A bit of a shame as I kinda liked the vocal melody and bassline. It's one of the lesser tracks now (together with the first one)
Serene Dominic wanted an 80's synth-tune for his RPM-project so I reworked one of his songs. I used a Korg Poly800 a Roland Juno and a Vermona Lancet (analogue synths) to try and get an authentic sound. I also used a brilliant VST called SQ8L…read more
Hey, Christians have gospelmusic. Godless heathens like me sometime have to let off steam too. One of my best songs I think. Drumloops from (I used them in track 5 too)
For the lyrics I tried to "paint a picture" rather than tell a story or make a clear point. I was thinking of Caroline No by the Beach Boys about a girl who suddenly lost the glow of youth. The lyric is not quite succesfull but... it will have…read more