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This is supposed to be the opening track. I’m not sure yet if it will be an instrumental or if I have to add lyrics and vocal. What do you think? Let me know.

Update 24-2-2021
Thanks Richiebee for the comments!
I added an electric guitar and fiddled some more with the mix. Now the electric guitar and the Arp Odyssey theme clash a bit here an there but I like them both. I probably have to edit the timing a bit and maybe change the panning and EQ. It also starts to sound more like a song than an instrumental to me which kinda sucks because that means I still have to write 5 lyrics and sing them.

Update 1-3-21
So it’s 00:00 now and I’m starting uploading the album. This opener is still an instrumental but it will have to do for now

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richiebee said

I think it works as an instrumental but takes too long to get going. If you were to do it as a vocal song, do you have lyrics ready to go for it? I imagine it would lend itself well to vocals. Nice track. Love the bass line.

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