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i don’t wanna get out of here, and it’s crystal clear
if I can’t learn from my old mistakes, it’s a sign
face, i’m never gonna face the day,
I’ve always been raced away

i don’t know what is required
stare out through terminal wires
see if i ever get tired
need to be seen or admired

i’ll talk when i’m at this stage cause i’ve lost my case
i’ll live here accordingly, all the time
wait, i’m never gonna make my way to the car
i’ve only been going so far

i know i’ve made the allusion
talking up fire, confusion
but no way, neither lie nor temptation
no way do i walk to the station

Guest said

As always super catchy and beautiful detail, great lyrics, evocative ❤️

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Alec Longstreth said

Congrats on the new album! I'm looking forward to listening to it this afternoon while I work. Will buy on iTunes if it goes up!

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