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Act Iii Narrative. I Forgot You Were Insane Beat By Terra Blackford

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I remember weekends thinking we could last forever
I remember everything that you said was so clever
I remember our hearts fading like a burning ember
I remember wishing that our ties would soon be severed
I remember why I left you
This is the kinda shit that last forever cause I’ll remember why

Soul sinking under your flaws, I live under your floor, we stopped breathing a long time ago. Our reasons are old as ghost that live inside your haunted house and I can’t stay in this place anymore. The walls are beautiful, the pantries always full, and you know I love to dip in that swimming pool, “but I can’t sleep and I can’t think and I cannot do anything”, but wait in fear of what is near, the traps are there at every corner. “So I don’t move and I don’t speak and I try to not hear a thing”. Your house is haunted and I’m moving out. I’d rather live on the street, than live with your ghosts

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Great sound, the lyrics are mind-blowing

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