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Act V Caesura. That S All I Had To Say Beat By Petrafyne

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Yo, I didn’t mean that
I’m just messing with you girl like a copycat
But what you’ve said, there’s no taking back
See those listening; they don’t know the half of it
You were the most miserable thing I had to go though
When all I ever did was try to help you
All the songs that I’ve written, ya they meant nothing
It’s just art for the sake of those listening

(And) You will never know who you are
(And) You will never see who you are

And I know the balance has tipping,
I can’t confirm that I was listening to all your stupid problems and your feelings
It just, it gets so old, when there’s, there’s no reason
And I’m tired of hearing the same songs you’ve been singing
Over and over, “Oh poor me. I couldn’t find my chapstick this morning”
And everything you bitching is unworthy
And everything you think about is so boring

And I know I wasn’t always the best boyfriend
Looking back then, yeah some shit was embarrassing
And we can play the blame game, like Mr. West does
But it doesn’t take a jury to know that you were fucked up
I went through 5 months of your bullshit, before I ever said one word that was offensive

But to be fair
We both cared, for a minute, but you went on just faking and pretending
When I called it off you act like it was nothing
And I’m sorry that, I couldn’t solve all your problems
But the truth is, we were too much alike
And I knew this, when we first had a fight
I wish the best for you and your family
I hope that our time lives in your memory
And so much of what we lost was unnecessary
I’m thankful for the pure effect that you had on me

But you, will never know who you are
And you, will never see who you are
And you will never know you

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