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Having some fun with a little Gary Clark Jr/ Hendrix riffage....
Intro Created only with an Electric Guitar
Startled awake after that feeling of falling.....
...Someone stupid who is unaware that their mouth is gaping open, often taking in gallons of air and spewing their own dry, bacteria rotten maw into your clean air in your vicinity... And a great quote from Stranger Things on Netflix.....
Riding the wave Following the feeling Not sure where it is taking me......
Endless roads....
Just a fun little jam for traveling
131 BPM 1/2 Step Down And so as it begins I turn the page And stumble in... Time was once my friend Passing by An enemy I feel so alone And I need, to feel you breathe So far from home Monument achieved Awake through the night…read more
125 BPM DGDGBD Capo @ 4th Stay...awake Take a moment...to breathe Fear...in your eyes Take a moment...to grieve Hurt...in your bones Take a moment...to scream Stay...awake Take a moment...to breathe Dark...in this room The…read more
The song was written making multiple trips over both Wolf Creek and Cumbres pass during the winter months. Roads become impassable quickly and can leave you stranded on either side. Stuck waiting for the melt trying to get home you realize that…read more
Short stories from the weatherman
The fortune cookies do not lie
Finally getting some time to work out a few ideas I have been exploring. Heading into the mountains for while....I will add more soon with a clear mind.
A work in progress...
New guitar just having some fun :)
Cover of a Baroness song March to the Sea. I decided to drop the vocals for now until I can sing them better :) Enjoy!
Take 6 and call us in the morning...
Previously unreleased
Warming up the fingers Playing out the chords Hanging in the studio Keep from getting bored
Gobble Gobble
Between the minutes
Finding some new melodies looking back at the Counterweight Rpm.
Just having fun, hanging out, creating some music. Double drop D Capo @ 3rd- Lead Capo @ 9th. :)
Kick the tires and light the fires.
Weekend jam time
Just messing around with some ideas. 1/2 Step down standard tuning.
Setting the mood.....tuning the tone...
Remember that last level of old Nintendo games? Late at night stressed out screaming at the television just hoping you will beat the game? The stress? The anxiety?
Stop. Go. Wait. Walk. Sit. Stay.
For the Astro Mutt himself. Inspired by our dog Bear.
I keep pushing the pedal down and nothing is happening....
Returning to an earlier time when things were simple.
My favorite time of day.
It's never to late...to create.
Anyone who knows me realizes I dig electronic music....yet have no idea what I am doing when it comes to creating it! This is just some groovy randomness messing around with new studio equipment.
Decided to upload a work in progress from a heavy side project called : Lab Survivor. I have a few things in the works coming up, hopefully including an all acoustic RPM. Finally have the studio up and running with some new upgrades :) Wahoo…read more
Staying up early or going to sleep late. :)
Well my friends life has been busy. Needed a break tonight and jumped in the car for a drive. One of those, don't know where your going just want to listen to music and relax kind of rides. Headed out and found myself on an old county road through…read more
Meeting the Gremlin's at my house for a quick brunch.
Free to jam as loud as we need. :)
Happy 4th A.T. :)
Here is a little sneak track from my next project. I'm still working on vocals,mastering,writing ect...but I really needed to get something uploaded. This has been a horribly slow process writing my next album. It's time to float.... read more
Made with 100% real cheese flavored bi-product.
Time to face the music...
Run bird run
2010 24 hour challenge. Record a 24 minute song in less then 24 hours. Work has been so crazy music has been taking a back seat. I might have to try this concept again to get anything done on the creative side of things. :)
My wife is slowly collaging the walls of our studio with random sayings and images from magazines, artwork, photography, album art ect... so I had the idea to pull all of my lyrics for this track from the walls. read more
Weaver of seams Sew me a dream Stitch me a shirt Of anger and hurt Pull out my hair For all that was fair Then make me a comfortable Jacket to wear
With Glaka & Mud Octave.
Wtih Norm
Campfire jam with Keith, Kavin and Norm
Fun track with Mac and Norm.
This is their song. I just helped add some bass to it.
Mixing help by Vaisvil