Mud Octave

Mud Octave

from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Abide (2009)

12 tracks by Mud Octave

Finished July 6th, 2009 after only six hours of recording, Abide is the culmination of the many influences of Mud Octave. I think these songs are some of my best. All of the life lessons and just plain ol' entertaining tunes, plus well over-due tasteful use of the MPC 500 make this batch a little bit more polished... A little bit more able to abide. Most songs were originally written for past albums but got lost momentarily.


Dining Room Revolutions (2009)

13 tracks by Mud Octave

Some of my recently written poetry and music that I would like to dedicate to Chi Cheng of the Deftones who was in a car accident and has been in a coma for some time. He was one of the bassists that inspired me to pick up this instrument and I hope he recovers and can hear the work I've done and be proud he is the cause.


Healthy Glue (2009)

7 tracks by Mud Octave

real quick left overs after recording Dinging Room, then deciding to make it just poetry. this is like the musical evil twin.



Bacteria In Your Butt (2009)

5 tracks by Mud Octave

this was supposed to be half the cd, but i never got around to adding more... Immature Prejaculation turned out to be its twin, but not identical.


Immature Prejaculation (2009)

4 tracks by Mud Octave

four songs i did real quick pretty darn inspired by trout mask replica by captain beefheart.



Napalm Shootup (2008)

12 tracks by Mud Octave

REED um and weep.