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Chaotic Alignment


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Not sure where I sit on the character alignment chart, but I’d wager it’s firmly on the chaotic side of things.
This one took a lot more time and effort than my usual output, and ended up with hundreds of audio tracks.
Featuring: glitched penny whistle, amen break, 7/8, metal section, dual guitar harmony, drop C guitars, whammy pedal, melodic vocals, 3/4 rock section, pop-punk section, bitcrusher pedal, heavy bridge, fry scream, arf arf blegh, dj scratching, death metal section with choir, false chord screams, key change, ska punk section, groove metal section, wah pedal solo, synthwave section, boss synth pedal, lofi section, jazz piano, swing, italo house section, gang vocals, autotune, tempo change, rap section, fastest rap I’ve ever done (by quite some margin), and the kitchen sink.

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