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When I am to scratch the seems of realities yet found into it where nothing is there inside or out. So much critically wrong as a degree of mostly wrong but not more then the possible right workings. Join the tangent on the feedback but I need to get back through the hole in life… more details with less meanings and so on.., we can just smear the new tears in life’s meaningless rain at the effect of the out and then an in of when there is even more every day. So so sad in the sky and in the heart of hearts… we know now but never grow so how would it matter? This is potentially impossible but chance and forward motion flow likes to confuse what is and is not real. Say the sun was not in the sky but inside our minds how would we think things would change at that point? A pretty lost cause is not reason to fight. The loss of reason is ever so real and dangerous we don’t know how why or any other of the impossible degrees of theory we just roll over and see the neo now and past penmanship as ever so local.

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Newbold said

Thank you for saying this,..typing •

Guest said

I actually find myself more and more playing chess online and listening to your stuff. I do things like this too in a way but not of such epic proportions.

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