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Sweet Symphonies in Decadent Finale

Olive Astronaut

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I don’t want to wait, till the end, to have you
And I know you’re the one, fill me up, when I’m through
Cause you completely satisfied me even before I’m done
And you’ll be right beside me even when I run
And I know it’s my fault when I can’t have you tonight

Cause you’re the one I long for, even if I can’t have you now
And I know everyone will still have you, I’ll get over that somehow
Next time I will have to, I‘ll just ask for you first

and I know how this will, when the end finally comes
Before I pay for anything tonight you will ask
And you know just what I like even before I do
You’ll be right beside me even if it’s the second time
And I know it’s my fault when I can’t have you tonight

All the anticipation building up inside me it’s hard
All the other things that I have pushed for me this far
This is the one thing that I just don’t need
I will never deny you as long as I shall breathe

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wilsun said

Very anthemic, awesome closer.

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