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Higher Spirit (2016)

9 tracks by Orphans

so we didn't finish in March but we finished in May. enjoy! So happy to have much love and help on this one - thank you Deano, Jay Sandbag. Eddy Davis, Jimmy T, Dani C, Johnny Young, Timmmmay and my musical brother, Thunderchris. Cheers to all!


to build a fire lyrics - boudreau Music - maiorano/boudreau to build a fire there's never a plan just pure desire and circumstance touch two wires leave spark to chance she's reaching higher sit back and watch her dance she said…read more
Hang Ups mariano We got our kinks, or something peculiar I'm on the brink, you're feeding me lines Stop and think, or call on your savior Your weakest link, is tugging on mine Fix me a drink, neat or its dirty Ship starts to sink…read more
Outta Sight boudreau Flip topping, cherry popping Never stopping to look inside Wearin’, tearin’ with power steering And I’m veering off into the night I disappear outta sight Short days in so many ways I’m amazed I’m not sleeping…read more
Shadows Of Doubt boudreau It seems as I get older I find less and less there is to say I just shrug my shoulders Politely walk away I tend to pull in from the edges Try and tuck it all inside refuse to do battle Even when i know that…read more
Its Coming On boudreau Can't ya feel it start to unwind Can't ya see it or am I just blind Can ya hear it slippin' out of time Do you fear it in the back of your mind I can't shake it I feel it's shaking me I try and break it right across…read more
Dead To Rights mariano Running to the summit, a smile every mile Keep on gunning for it, and you'll get there in a while Using every gambit, in the full throttle style That's how the race is run Staring down the crown, (locked) tight…read more
Going Nowhere boudreau/capalbo won't ya stay a while, wont ya let down that hair Tell me what's you're hurry, you're already here I swear theres nothing going on out there We'll catch and release all space and time We'll speak in colors…read more
Higher Spirit (The Only One) boudreau There’s a higher spirit Nothing comes near it I do declare it’s quite a ride And the heart will chase it Egos embrace it You can’t erase it from your life And when ya can’t escape the rain clouds…read more

Place In The Sun (2015)

10 tracks by Orphans

RPM X - our 7th, I think


First Lie Chris Tune / Toms Lyrics I heard you singing from the roof tops saw you swinging in the trees tripping on a cough drop dealing your disease I watched you watching from the washroom heard you tumble down my stairs passed out…read more
In The End Chris tune / lyrics I've lived and loved, laughed and cried All the first hello's and last goodbyes... Faces I recall, pass before my eyes.... wisdom, advice, half truths and lies.... Taking shape…read more
Belladonna (Timbob Tune / Chris Lyric) I see her beauty shines so bright In the red summer sunlight Venus casts her blinding light Much to Mars’ delight A molten marriage of fire and ice The seductive…read more
Gardens Toms Tune / Lyrics Coffee-stain savior appears on my page To guide me through headlines of sorrow and rage Whispers of scripture from some empty tomb Try to convince us the end will be soon But I don't believe the things that…read more
Feels So Right By Mark Andrew Take a look around this crazy town Tryin to find a reason for stickin around Should I make my mark or walk on by Take a back seat or take the wheel and drive And it…read more
Fly Before You Can Fall Toms tune / lyrics A foreign place another time A different world in a future life Fast-forward to sudden rewind And my mind can’t seem to process it all It fights hard to get it right then eventually stalls And…read more
You're The One Toms Tune / lyrics Fee Fi Fo Fum... You’re the one You’re trapped inside you’re little world, never grew up, still a girl...Yeah you’re the one You’re all gussied up in pink, its half the reason why I think...That you…read more
So Many Things By Mark Andrew So many things, inside my head So many words, that needs to be said Time, travels on Days and nights, nights and days, all have their song Time, travels on Days…read more
Overdose On Humanity (Tim and Tom Tune / Tom Lyric) In mid flight, in mid winter Unsure if we'll ever land One delay affects another So much for best laid plans Half of our lives are spent waiting In never-ending lines Leaves us contemplating…read more
Place In The Sun Toms Tune / Lyrics It’s the spiraling mind that’ll slowly unwind And scatter thoughts for no one to find It’s the restless heart that simply come's apart Forever searching for a new start No I’m not one to ever come…read more

Megacosmonaut (2014)

10 tracks by Orphans

Endless, timeless, limitless orphans


U Make It So Hard (to say goodbye) Lyrics - Boudreau Music - Mairano / Boudreau I just cant shake it no I cant fake it no more I try to make it but i just cant get out the door I wanna break it but its something i…read more
Never Too Late Lyrics - Boudreau Music - Maiorano / Boudreau You see the light, piercing your eyes til it burns thru the back of your head You wake from screams that shattered your dreams loud enough to raise the dead…read more
Four by Four World Lyrics Boudreau Music Jim Tramontano Well i wont pretend to hide i choose not to step outside my four by four world Cast all your thoughts aside Dont question or criticize My four by four world i'm challenging you…read more
Non- Fiction (Summer Song) Lyrics - Boudreau/ Maiorano Music - Boudreau windows wide open breeze rattles the blinds gusting winds of change still blow my mind the early morning rays blinding my eyes and still i chase yet…read more
Meet Ya On The Corner Lyrics /Music - Boudreau You dont know me im from the other side of town where suspiscions are high and spirits are down You were a tough nut to crack but i knew you'd come around Your friends wouldn…read more
Lexus Lady Lyrics / Music - Boudreau/ Maiorano So i guess it was over Well before it began nah you wouldn't believe it You wouldn't understand well to say the least she was out of my league then what proceeded…read more
Shine On You Lyrics / Music - Boudreau/ Maiorano The pain is humane,it enlightens the brain convincing its both sane and alive and kindness forgives, cruelty and mischief but the heart is quicker than the eye…read more
The Truth May Lie Lyrics - Boudreau Music - Maiorano Clear across the black sky Billions of blinkless eyes Monitor our world ruled by ego Up on another plane Spiritual All-Terraine Guides us where we all know we…read more
Buried Lyrics / Music - Boudreau We're all buried in the snow And when it'll stop, hell i don't know i keep looking at the news but they don't tell me nothing new and my back's been pretty tired from stacking wood and…read more
Megacosmonaut Lyrics - Maiorano Music - Maiorano / Boudreau Awake within reality, quietly in repose Question of mortality, will open gates be closed. Innate sense of morality, theories come and go. Beyond…read more

Home Again (2013)

10 tracks by Orphans

our 5th RPM


Happily Ever After (Boudreau) I’ve been counting on the sun to come and melt my blues away I’ve been dying for your smile all day I’m trying to find the reason I’ve been moving so slow I guess I’m just tired of blaming the snow…read more
All Messed Up (Boudreau) I was hanging on the end of the block near the record shop Waiting for my boys to show You spilled out of a cab with your bags full of get up n go And I wasn’t looking for trouble but it sure has a subtle way of…read more
Sister Serenity (Maiorano) From a war zone, to war at home Free to roam, the wood The very land our forefathers stole Marred with, righteous blood (Chorus) Sister Serenity, lead me to your sanctuary Mother…read more
An Architect Of Peace (Music - Jay Miles) The poem (lyric) is: “School Prayer” by Diane Ackerman In the name of the daybreak And the eyelids of morning and the wayfaring moon and the night when it departs, I…read more
I Got none (Boudreau) Whatever happened to forgiveness whatever happened to the long sharp hook of love what ever happened to convictions what ever happened to that push might turn to shove i gotta listen to my reasons and stop…read more
The Lonely Orphan (Arpino) Well i'm just a lonely orphan wearing somebody's hand-me-down shoes Well i sure aint got nothing So i damn sure got nothing to lose On the day i was born i started paying my dues mom and…read more
Back To What We Know (Boudreau) Packed in some old suitcase in the back of a closet shelf Holds the stories that all but tell themselves And maybe long forgotten or on the tip of a razors tongue They demand a ransom for our…read more
The Mornings Aint Warm (Boudreau) planted deep in the back of my head are the seeds of things my daddy once said and up sprouted this stubborn old tree with fading roots and lofted dreams theres still a couple of two…read more
I was brought up just north of New York City Where the Merrit greets the Hutch In a noisy house on a quiet street Where the neighbors know too much Theres a weekend in spring when they throw out old things and he came home with…read more

New Day New Way (2012)

9 tracks by Orphans

RPM 2012 - A collection of songs that speak of hope and change


Forever Forward ( t boudreau) They call us the orphans Cuz we answer to no one And every so often We feel we belong We carry these torches Forever Forward In the back of your mind You’ll hear our song Its a brand new day and a new…read more
The Long Hard Line ( t boudreau) I locked myself inside in my mind Slammed the doors and drew the blinds I searched my soul to see what i'd find Purged whatever wasn't mine There comes a time when we find We must draw that long hard…read more
High 'n Mighty (t boudreau) Well look who made it halfway I truly must be blessed I made a few mistakes and caught a couple of breaks I guess And I always do it my way I make it up as I go along I think I earned some…read more
Sublime Intervention (nobody cares) (t boudreau) I peaked thru a hole in my soul and saw you standing there Ringing the bell of my heart I forget where we left and that’s a great place to start We took a fling on the wing of…read more
Gone To Stay (C Maiorano) Here at the crossroads, with no ideas River of time flows, year after year We change as the wind blows, storm drawing near The light of our life glows, then disappears We wrestle with reason, struggle with fear…read more
Just Passin’ Thru (t boudreau) Take whatever you want from me (babe) Take all that you need I need to lighten my load lately To a certain degree Tokens only are slowing me down There’s alot of luggage in life Chatter scattered across…read more
Michael and Theodore (C Maiorano) Remembering things we did, hell we were just kids The best was yet to come, thinking back makes me feel numb Why? Broken homes made us family, we shared our drink merrily Dealt with things our own way…read more
Onward (c maiorano) The message they send us Conform or be tortured If it's left up to us We can only do wrong But we'll trust in our fortunes Progress moves onward Straight ahead Immortally strong
Home-Made Rock n Roll ( t boudreau) I want to tell ya about my baby She does a little kitchen dance She turns up my heat And grease's down my sheets And she can rattle my pots n pans She can start with a slow simmer And turn it up…read more