22 tracks by Robert Bromley Davis and Mark Britton

Cromwell's wife, his mistress and his female slave sing about the pain of love. Sung by Beth Keenan, Sarah Coope and Michelle Chirenda.
Cromwell's mistress, Miss Cleveland, reveals her strategy . Sung Here by Beth Keenan
A group of slaves sing about their captivity in a white man's world and ask Jesus to set them free. Sung by The Living Word Ministry Gospel Choir - Slough UK
Cromwell's fiancé sings of her love and her life. Sung by Sarah Coope
Mis Cleveland, Cromwell's mistress, sings a trio with his wife Elizabeth and his slave Isabella. They sing about how painful love can be. Written by Bob Davis and Mark Britton
Joan is sold to the English by her captors. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
The final battle approaches, where the English are expelled from French soil. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan of Arc has been captured and sold for ransom to the English. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
How different could Joan of Arc's life have been if only...? http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan has chased prostitutes from her army's camp with the flat of her sword, and broken it! Is it an omen? http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan crowns the King in Reims cathedral. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan's brothers mock her for hearing Angel voices.http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan tries to stop her soldiers from using bad language. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
The heir to the French throne realises Joan could give him the Kingdom! http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
The night before she meets the King, joan has doubts... http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
English bowmen sing of battles they have won against the French. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan's brothers mock her vision.http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan recieves her amazing sword. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan sings about her mission from God. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Angel voices speak to Joan.. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan of Arc, as a young girl, questions her future. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com
Joan of Arc a Musical opening sequence. Joan is led to her execution. Tied to the stake she sings to her people. After her dramatic execution her friend in arms, Alencon, asks how it came to this sad end. http://www.joanofarcamusical.com