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I Set Myself Free


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i set myself free is a song about dealing with severe manic depression and overcoming it
after many years. it runs nearly 8 mins and is basically a metal prog song. thanks for
your time in listening or commenting!

                                1886  i set myself free © by frank miller

many days many nights
filled my head with torture
painful days lonely nights
prooving a pointless future
secluded times living lies
knowing there was no cure

living in a haze
trapped in a maze
seeking to be
trying to save me
something wrong with me
insanity welcomes me
why won’t god set me free?


tightrope walking on sanity
wondering what is wrong with me
so many years wasted, i couldn’t be
perhaps tomorrow will set me free


creeping mold
of getting old
having no life
insanity’s my wife
smoldering dreams
devestated hopes
there is no future
i don’t know how to cope


floating in a void
i cannot tell time
i cannot exist outside myself
feeling worthlessness
seeing a huge abyss
i cannot get well
not well, oh hell

ahhh what’s wrong with me
how can i help me from myself
or from some dark secret inside me
tell me what i can do?


i scream for my reality
not the creatures in front of me
sorcerors of my insanity

many years wasted away
i’ve got to find some way out!

reflecting upon myself
blaming no one else
reaching for the skies
saving myself

i’m not looking for pity
nor for your help
you wouldn’t give anyways
so what the helllllllll

i figured out what’s wrong
often written in my songs
manic depression haunts me
the realization sets me free

i broke the grip it had on me
forever determined to be free
even despite of what ails me
but at least my value is seen

so i stepped out of the mire
spirit no longer consumed in fire
my mind more at ease cause
i set myself free!

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