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Lets Get It Together


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lets get it together - a song about all of us coming together. one can dream.
this song runs about 6 and a half mins. as usual i do everything on it.
thanks for our time and listen.

                                   1894 lets get it together©

time to settle down
time to find an answer
untie all that’s bound
to find a balancer
open your mind and heart
before it tears us apart
where is peace
where is love

where are all the children of peace and love
where are all the peaceful religions
why do we kill in the name of god
when will they realize it is all pointless
and that we are all
brothers and sisters
come from the same place
and go back to it in death
why the obsession of killing each other for any reason?

through all time
we have treated each other
like shit!

what is in our minds
or worse yet in our hearts
to want to harm or kill
to want to tear the world apart!

alright now, come on
give me some love!

why can’t you see we’re all family
why keep evil in your heart
why can’t it be that we agree
civility is the key
why is it so that you don’t know
a better place the world would be
let us brothers and sisters care
to live in love and save humanity

love is the key
to be free
to have peace
why can’t you get that
through your thick skulls!!!

come on now oh yeah

are we doomed
or will we find a way
are we lost or
can we be swayed


free me
love me
peace to me

as i
shall do
for you

lets get it

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