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I wrote it down for you, telling you exactly how I felt.
But you couldn’t take the time,
Couldn’t stand to lower yourself,
And if I didn’t care, why would I be standing here today in this nowhere town?
A voice without a sound..

Your type are all the same, oblivious to others pain.
Well I’ve called you out.
What do you say?

Wrecked again from all the time I spent with you.
I’ve lost perspective on the things I really care about.
And if I left right now, what parts of me would you still have?
I need some closure so I won’t look back and question myself.

It’s such a simple thing to say, such a painful thing to do.

It’s the cut that always hurts the most.
I tried, but you really forced my hand.
Just what about this seems acceptable to you?
Is this anyway to treat a friend?
I saw this coming from a mile away.
Really, anyone could have done the same.
How can you expect me to take you seriously when you lied right to my face?

This is the last time I make allowances for you.

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