Paul Lisney

Paul Lisney

from Reading PA, US

We Are His Song (2016)

19 tracks by Paul Lisney

newest full length CD


Latest uploads 2016, 2017 (2017)

16 tracks by Paul Lisney

These are my latest songs until I get a title and enough songs for a full CD.


The Healing Of Families (2017)

8 tracks by Paul Lisney

Songs inspired by the book THE HEALING OF FAMILIES by Fr. Yosefu - B. Ssemakula. Three songs were directly inspired by the book and the others included seem to me to be appropriately related.


Pooh Songs (2015)

2 tracks by Paul Lisney

Two songs from A. A. Milne poems from his book "Winnie-the-Pooh"


Odds and Ends (2014)

6 tracks by Paul Lisney

This is a compilation of songs that aren't on any of my CD's.


Born To Be Saints (2014)

5 tracks by Paul Lisney

EP - MATT TALBOT (BORN TO BE SAINTS) is a song about Venerable Matt Talbot, the Irishman who was an alcoholic from the age of 12 to 28 and was sober for 41 years to his death in 1925. Matt had a devotion to Mother Mary and the instrumental, RESTING IN THE ARMS OF MARY is included for this reason. Also included are songs related to generational healing inspired by the book THE HEALING OF FAMILIES by Fr. Yosefu-B Ssemakula. Though it is widely recognized that addiction runs in families through a genetic component and by example (the environment) it is much less known or acknowledged that there is co-existing spiritual component that unless attended to is passed along through the generations. And even though each person has the ultimate responsibility to avoid addiction no matter their background, it is much harder for the person who has this generational/family component than the person who doesn’t. Simply put, a disordered attachment opens doors which need to be closed. These songs; CHOICES MADE, ONLY ONE, and GOD KNOWS broach this subject of generational sin and healing which is not specific to but includes addictions.


All That We Have (2012)

8 tracks by Paul Lisney

An EP of acoustic songs.


Awaken (2012)

20 tracks by Paul Lisney

This my 6th full length CD with songs recorded since the latter part of 2008.