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Where No Man Has Gone Before

Justin Otter Guy

Uploaded .

Featuring Starry Nightmoth on keyboards.

Justin Otter Guy (just another guy) and Gene Eric Mann (generic man) are the same musician. My originals are penned as Gene tunes ( and my covers are uploaded as Justin tunes (/redshirt).

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Justin Otter Guy said

Have y'all checked out the video?

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Mordant In Flesh said

Thank you very much for your nice comment. I´m lucky, that you like my music :)

Guest said

Justin I finally found the sheet music and MIDI file for this and I can probably figure out the root notes to the chords with a little effort. If I ever record a cover I'll let you know. Not sure, but I like what you did with it and it inspired me. Thanks... Bill

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üiv said

Haha! Great! :)

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another cultural landslide said

Beam me up Scotty! w;-)

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FDR said

Were you in search of the final front ear :)

Guest said

I do a basic version of this theme on guitar, but I do not know the chords. Would you want to share this chord progression? I have never been able to find it online.

Guest said


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