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kenya time


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coffee shop song…

kenya time

hear the cracklin’ paper
as you test the basil mayo
when you pull apart the cheese
and tip your brown beer bottle
smell the grinding coffee beans
set by tatooed arms to motion
near the burlap-bag topped table
that holds the telephone unanswered

he feels her shaking laughter
as she forks her chick panini
underneath the spaceship lights
where she gestures..“see you later!”
he sees the brick wall borders
holding all the human faces
bulletion board like talkers
in between sweet licks of frosting
between sweet licks…

he tastes the warmth
of her casual glance
come on over if you please
wouldn’t miss this kenya time
for such a time as these
wouldn’t miss this kenya time
for such a time as these…

michael mcguane reliablebowmusic

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Movement To Contact said

Hidden gem, very nice.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

very painterly lyric delivered with easy grace. Very nice.

Guest said

Always a pleasure to listen to your music Michael. Beautiful song…

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