57 tracks by Rob and Laura

Rough, hoping to have time to rerecord elements (especially vocals) before the end of the month.
I've never felt such a need to apologize for a track as this one. Take that as a warning.
Lyrics: Skip ahead to her in pants, watch her dance in the living room in front of all the other dinner guests. She thumbs her nose at simulacra, but someone must play Cleopatra in the PTA's yearly drama fest. Her husband broke his body…read more
Least favorite of this year's RPM output so far...
From the RPM 2010 album.
From the RPM 2010 album.
Collaboration between Christmas Jang and Spencer Lee.
From Brazil: the title music from Animal Crossing.
soundsoftheweak.com assignment #68: make a recording about a specific body part. Featuring Miss MC Co Co Co Co Co Co Ro.
From France: the jogging theme from "Punch-Out"
From Korea: "Fever" from "Dr. Mario"
From America: the theme from "Bubble Bobble"
From Mexico: the theme from "The Legend of Zelda"