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I Due Fuimi 04.11.18

Mr Sandbags

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This is a recording of the first time I have played Ludivico Einaudi’s “I Due Fuimi” all the way through.

It includes numerous errors & slight pauses but I managed to keep going and finish it and after MANY months of practice that feels good. Probably this piece was harder than advisable for a relatively new player but my teacher wanted to keep me interested!

I started learning piano again in February after the death of my cat Mississippi. It turned out I had been paying insurance on her brother, Indiana, for over two years since his death and had quite a sizeable chunk of money coming back to me.

Rather than fritter the money away & to honour those funny critters that I loved so much I decided to buy a new piano (Kawai ES8) and take lessons again.

This is the first product of the piano and lessons and on the 3rd anniversary of Indi’s passing away too!

(Recorded using the iPhone built-in mic, a little compression added before bouncing to MP3)

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Sister Savage said

Woooohooooo!! Go you! :) So glad you got the recording. Hope it's given you some confidence. I know you took a break from learning for awhile, but delighted you went back to it. Onwards onwards! More more!!

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Sudara said

Just what I needed. I *really* like that this was recorded with the room sound, hit the spot.

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