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I Due Fuimi 08.12.18

Mr Sandbags

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Another progress recording, with another month or so of practice and a 16-day practice streak.

The concert where I am playing this is next week. I’m hoping to lock in a little more speed between now and then (although I note I seem to have shaved off over 1.5 mins off since the last recording). I do still make a few mistakes but mostly can play through them now.

This time I am recorded into Live (but in one take, no editing) using my Alesis VI61 keyboard & the Pianoteq Steinway Model-D plus a little ambience generated by Eos2.

I’ve been really pleased with Pianoteq. The Alesis is alright for practice on the road (the reason I bought it) but, understandably, doesn’t feel as good as my Kawai, especially for softer parts.

However, I’m very pleased that I’ve managed to incorporate the sneaky ‘D’ grace note in bar 18/19 that Einaudi plays but didn’t put in the score :)

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Sister Savage said

A huge improvement - it's coming together very nicely. Good to hear some dynamics in there!

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