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MetaSketch #1

Mr Sandbags

This is the first real “thing” I’ve created using MetaSynth as I go through the extensive tutorials.

This was the result of (somewhat haphazardly) drawing & sculpting pixels in the ImageSynth and then playing with different harmonic tunings for the pixels.

I did round trip the image briefly through Acorn (an image editor) to apply a Lenticular Halo effect which is where most of the high-frequency sounds come from. I also applied a couple of MetaSynths image filters to pan the sound around.

I exported a few copies of the resulting loop and applied a fade-out in Fission.

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Guest said

Sounds like the Sister has issued a challenge then!

Guest said

Epic! Kind of want a beat to come in at around 0.09, and then girl vocals about running away from herself plastered all over it. Yeah.

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