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Poor Boy Reiched 2

Mr Sandbags

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This track is a second attempt to put Kavin’s beautiful track Poor Boy through my Steve Reich style phase shifting looper.

In the first I had it play through the whole track but I didn’t think it worked so well. This time I had the looper play shorter sections and I stepped it across the track. I think it works better.

In this version I also used all three loopers. The first looper plays the track and normal speed, the second 1% faster, and the 3rd 2% which makes for a denser, and I think more satisfying, sound.

This track doesn’t approach the beauty of Kavin’s original but I think is an interesting experiment and I’m grateful to Kavin for permission to use his track.

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Movement To Contact said

very cool, had to stop it though it was making me dizzy.

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely done mate

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kavin. said

Interesting. Tends to bring out elements that just whizz by in the original. Cool, thanks.

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