skiks/bruce hamilton

skiks/bruce hamilton

from Bellingham, WA, United States

selections from IF & SFSYNM (2010)

56 tracks by skiks/bruce hamilton

some tracks originally created for and posted on ImprovFriday and Society for ShortY New Music ning sites.


bit of brightness, it was sort of a new year's fanfare.
xenharmonic instrumental electronic pop
overlapping ostinati miniature
variations: my way out when i'm stuck
keyboard percusion + xenharmonic dulcimer + drum machine + warbly strings + saturated bass + field recordings
for ImprovFriday 2/10-12 2011 ambient impro+tweaks
ostinati outta control
xenharmonic ambient improv
max/msp gtr improv + field recordings
xenharmonic continuum noise & splinters
keyboard improv (tweaked & doubled)
sorry about the title (working title). actually a strange little track for Shorties designed for an upcoming "indie" "rock" album...
pop cue w/ alt tuning
improv + EWR
xenharmonic keyboard transforms into dronescape.
opium bath awaits for those who can make it past 37"
pleasant, dom7/mixo+nuances; upbeat road music no apologies ;-)
xenprov + tweaks for ImprovFriday 9/16-18/10
VOIP (dance for the solstice you fucking plastic robots)
Norbert Oldani & Roger Sundstrom round out the soundscape against my quasi-just intonation singing and quirky rhythm section electronica.
window, then the other. quirky little FM loop makes an appearance.
step-seq impro + beatage + storm + some tweaked gtr from Greg Hooper
max improv + extras
strange encounter
improv-based miniature combining 72t-ET w/12t-ET and electronic percussion
sketch for tone-study
chilling in summer
something (for ImprovFriday 2/24-26/11)
a mashup (for ImprovFriday) of c}{imps 8 my ears (strate fuckin) and Paul Muller (dance to the end of summer)
mashup from ImprovFriday 2/10-12/2010 (feat. Jim Goodin, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Steve Moshier)
took a little phrase I lazily sang into the built-in mic & tweaked it out into a little piece (most of the filter effects are natural).
a little improv-based piece w/soundscape
a new composition based solely on a recording of my Still Life (1994) for solo clarinet, with Tasha Warren playing.
tweaked improv in JI + 12tET for IF 2/5/11
what did we find? created for the Shorty Stories event.
some gtr "playing" + drones & feedback
shard hopping...or hard shopping? either way, this little remix-expansion of Kavin's "shards" is one of 21 "duos" on an album I'm releasing next week @ bandcamp.
max/msp improv
from late '09 one-a-day challenge @ shorties group @ net new music
little fantasy
some gtr "playing" + drones & feedback
a little mantra (perhaps ultimately an outro to a longer song) one-take vox + improv'd cheesy DX7 sounds, both looped and set against field recording.
xenharmonic flight with a nod to Ligeti
took a short phrase from Jeff Fairbanks' @ the Shorties site & put it to battle against my own loop.
moody improvisation with tweaked ending
a mashup of some tracks recently posted on Facebook by Steve Moshier (Los Angeles), Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland) and Jeff Fairbanks (Baltimore)
full title: "input output smoothnews standstill on frog pond" ImprovFriday (8/27/10) mashup featuring Jeff Fairbanks (US), Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland), Todd Lainhart (US), Steve Moyes (UK), & me w/the psychedelic vocals & bass.
dreamscape; something emerges, then fades
spectro-minimalist remix/re-comp of Paul Muller's post-minimalist Light Rain.
this is this
[file slightly updated] Once again I've mined my chamber piece Two Pastorales (1998) as well as the lowest register from a techno thing from 2003 & added improvised vox on top, then lots o' tweaks and effects on everything.
loose xenharmonic blues keyboard improv on a modified arabic scale
emotional roller coaster from March '10
metasynth dronery > dreamscape

rarities, remixes & remainders (2010)

21 tracks by skiks/bruce hamilton

new mixes of older Skiks tracks; unreleased and obscure stuff.


from Skiks: 72 miniatures
from 72 Miniatures (2003); newly remastered. the first part includes a sample from my 1996-7 septet "verges".
drony guitar + max/msp
an older track that never found a release other than lurking on my mydork page for a few years.
oldie from 2003, enhanced & boosted up a bit
sonically active minimalism; large arch form a version of this was released in 2006 on Cumulous (Memex compilation)
new versions of tracks that appeared on Skiks: 72 Miniatures.
step sequencer improv (minimalist) from 2005
Body Disconnected (2002) was written to accompany choreography by Lauren Lutrell. The process included importing video clips of dance movements into the music programs I was using and scoring music to them as one might with a film soundtrack…read more
step sequencer improv (minimalist) from 2005
remastered; from Skiks: 72 Miniatures
from Skiks: 04 motives (remastered) harmonically static but a second layer of drums & bass kick in about 2.5 minutes in, followed by a solo.
live @ minifest, november 2010 BH: v-drum, Karl: udu
a noisy piece that's a few years old.
live @ Baltic Room, Seattle, 2006.
a little loop for W back in 2003; slightly tweaked.
a reverie that uses Steve Moshier's "last legs"
old, new
recent tracks from JPK & Steve Moshier tweaked + mashed with some looping ambient melodica + some synth bass.
a Deerhoof "pre-cover" I made after they posted the sheet music prior to releasing the album in October 2008. Mine was purposely straight compared to some of the others that folks made but I thought I predicted the band's version pretty well…read more