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The album’s gimmick: Everything is twenty point nineteen BPM. There’s some great stuff on it, including tracks by friends! Check out last year’s 2018 BPM album as well! Album proceeds go to a charity that helps combat childhood cancer. Also, everyone had less than a week’s notice. Had to work fast!

The title is the first name I could find (with Google, of course) of a racehorse who came in last place. It’s surprisingly fitting.

Made with SunVox, on my phone. Cheap and versatile! Free for desktops!

(Don’t set the bar this high, but) I’d say Oneohtrix Point Never’s recent works had the strongest influence on me here, particularly “Love in the Time of Lexapro” and “Last Known Image of a Song” if I had to pick.

This is the first thing I’ve been able to post to my new Newgrounds account! (ANY unlicensed samples are a no-go…) Newgrounds was the first place I ever hosted any music I made, and now that it’s gotten a fresh wave of artists, I’d like to support any glimmer of a potential return to relevance. I love its air of free collaboration, like animators/game devs are next-door neighbors with helpful artists/musicians. Every amateur who looks up to what NG’s alumni are doing these days should head over and experiment alongside each other just the same.

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Delightful -- both the concept and the result.

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