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Guardian Snow Angel

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Collab with as Halloumi Unit

For Advent Aspects 2020 - a direct-to-Discord Advent calendar of atmospheric music from Vicarious Ardents. Permanent server invite code with mp3 links: a6rcjUpQCT - bandcamp link hopefully coming soon.

Project file (SunVox is free for desktop, or cheap for mobile):


… all strength, equipment, and hope lost, you think back to more innocent times, when you played joyously in the sort of snow you’re now waiting to freeze to death in.

Unable to help yourself, the last remains of your energy are spent tearfully making an angel in the snow. It fills in almost as fast as you can move.

Yet, you manage to form it… and the instant you do, a sense of warmth envelops you! Felt first behind your neck, as if someone were breathing there, then around your arms, followed by the rest of you all at once. Wait, is this it? Is this death?!

… No! The warmth lingers as you feel yourself lifted to your feet - did you even leave the ground for a moment? - then dissipates into you. Miraculously, you now feel that you have the strength to make it home safe. But how? What? … Who?


Contains edits of theshaggyfreak’s Train Whistle recording @ 2:11, 2:57 (CC BY-NC)

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