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Nothing Hurts Too Much

So?ing Machine

I just made this.

Some reasons I haven’t uploaded anything here in a year and a half:

  • A lot of the projects I’ve spent the most time on are very complex, so they quickly burn me out as I’m trying to keep a clear picture of the whole thing in my head.

  • After listening to a WIP for a few days while working on it, I’ve had my fill of that specific thing I felt like working on for that moment in time, and you can tell I’m not in the same groove if I continue to work and you compare the most recent additions to whatever came before.

  • I have no idea where to go with a lot of cool fragments of music I put together, aside from just taking them apart and dragging out and recombining different elements, which bores me. I can only imagine them as the tiny fragments they are.

  • I went back to using the demo version of Renoise for a long time.

But this thing is short and simple and it sounds nice and I’m not going to overthink it. Enjoy it.

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