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(2016 Copyright Kim Noble)

Lyrics, Vocals, Vocal Melody: Kim Noble
Guitars: James Fraser
Bass: Jean Lui Toudou
Drums: Robert Cudmore
Original Music & Production: Steffen Offermann

They say Curiosity killed the cat
But I don’t believe in that jack.
The crime here is that you stole me back.
When all I wanted to do was leave… you.

You let me go on trusting in you.
The tragedy here is I fell for it too.
What started out happy is now turning blue.
Curiosity wants to believe… in you.

Curiosity likes to play games.
Twist your heart in five different ways.
Make me feel like you wanted me to stay.
Curiosity is to blame… for you.

Oooohh Curiosity.

Such a pretty kitty.
‘Till you get close to pet her.
Oooooh Curiosity.

Makes you wanna feel.
‘Till the next time around;
when you find out you’re chasing your tail.

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