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Break Me


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I would consider this song a little more Country Rock. Country is hard for me to do and it took me a while to record this. I’ve acquired a G&L ASAT Classic a while back and never have used it for a full blown recording. I keep it tucked away and on occasion I’ll take her out and play her… It’s like playing a brand new guitar for the first time when I hold it in my hands. Not only does the guitar play nicely, I can get some fantastic sounds running it through Logic’s Pedal Board and Amp emulator. I tried to put her through some paces but I think she had the advantage on me and put me through some paces. The pups are unforgiving, the neck leaves no room for excuses and the blame lies only on the operator.

I ran some Groove Monkey demo loops through EZ Drummers Vintage Rock kit and played my best along with a Peavey Fury bass. I thought a banjo would be fitting and not owning a banjo, I used a Lanikai uke in it’s place. A Hohner dreadnought fills in the rest of the bed and then there’s me trying to sing southern.

Thanks for listening!!

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