174 tracks by The Collective Noun

Math experiment... 3/4 restricted to three notes in each bar.
Kind of a homage to the Greek folk guy with the complex name who inspired Jimi Hendrix.
Another happy Jazz tune
Hope admins forgive me for multiple uploads... spontaneity isn't easy to perfect. :) Finally done with my Jazz masterpiece.
Irrational time sig of 7/5 just for experimental purps…
Minimal. Ambient.
Psychedelic surf punk re-imagining of Tomorrow Never Knows
A simple 3 / 4 time guitar and congas
Black Sabbath/Math surfing in 5 / 4 time
6 / 8 time lounge glitch jazz
3 / 4 time optimism cruising on C.
Journey in 7/8 time, Darbuka drum and looped bass with nods toward 60s/70s thriller soundtracks.
The idea forms. Low-key Glitch Jazz in 5/4 time.
Arrival and rest... 7/4 time
5/4 time Jazz/electronic
A dark metal raga in 5/5 time
Bee Bop Jazz on Quaaludes for chilling in the rain