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Not The Most Sophisticated Song


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Very quick to write and record. Basically done from start to finish in about an hour and a half (I look at the clock).

Despite it’s brevity, there’s quite a lot going on (especially in how exact I’ve tried to be with the harmonies, and double tracked vocal). It’s quite tiring to be this precise (and it’s very exposed) - which is probably why it’s only a minute long.

This is my ‘Her Majesty’ silly song at the end, albeit without the masterly Abbey Road before it.

It’s not the most sophisticated of things to say
But I like you anyway
And it’s not the smartest of lines to use
But it’s the truth when I say it

Please don’t laugh at me if I’m a tad naive
I’ll just be glad if you’ll believe
And it’s not the cleverest of bright ideas
But it’s the only one I’ve had in years

It’s me and you
Me and you
And that’ll do
And everyone else just can just go and screw themselves
It’s me and you

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A fine collection of smooth pop - Another RPM win!

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