from I think it would be a good idea. Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization, AQ

Strange Danger (2011)

12 tracks by vaisvil

A collaboration of Frank Miller and Chris Vaisvil called "2" - Unless otherwise stated Frank composes drum and bass, Chris guitars and keys - singing is a shared affair.


by 2 (therefore Frank Miller composed the drums and bass and I did the other noise.)
My friend Frank Miller did a drum improvisation track at my request - and I then improvised lyrics, vocal, and guitar with a bit of touch up. This was the first track we did together…
Posted under the name "2" - an internet band. Genre: Rock/Pop: Pop Year: 2010 Album: Strange Danger Artist's description: Frank wrote the lyrics, sang, played bass and drums…read more
This is a song some 15 years in the making. The original 4-track cassette tape tracks laid down in 1997 - and this past year Frank added bass and drums. Its my fault on how there…read more
Frank Miller (phantasm777) added excellent vocals and drums - I like it much better this way - hope you do too! (still 17 equal tuning)
Apocrypha is a progressive rock song in the sense of Rush more than ELP or Yes. I had come up with the guitar and via my GR-20 the strings - everything else you hear was performed by my long time collaborator Frank Miller (Phantasm777) - so that…read more
My good friend Phantasm777 does some live drumming on this.
Frank Miller and I again join forces. Frank composed and performed the drums and we collaborated on the production
chris vaisvil did all guitars (22 edo) and the basic idea, therefore, it is his song mostly! I did the drums, bass, vox, lyrics and mix. just another monday © - words by frank miller feel indifference spreading i feel…read more
Frank Miller - words, vocals, keys, bass, drums Chris Vaisvil - guitars Once a Beautiful Planet hark the dark and blackened skies they were the culprits of their own demise they couldn't get along in this earth age the extinction of…read more
a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors is a composition that my collaborator Frank Miller (of “2”) built around my 20 edo guitar part. Frank wrote and performed the vocals, lyrics, drums, 12 edo bass and produced the composition. a manic…read more
by "2" to take a life ? - lyrics by frank miller tell me how can you murder innocence killed in cold blood family and friends greiving how can you be such a thug how can you stand this…read more

Memories of This World (2015)

9 tracks by vaisvil

From circa 1980 recorded live with a portable monaural cassette tape deck. Many thanks to Mike Barry for singing After I Die.


Classical guitar and vocal
Classical guitar and vocal
Classical guitar, chimes, vocal at the very end you can hear my infant son Ben breathing.
Classical guitar and vocal
Classical guitar and vocal
Classical guitar and vocal
Classical guitar and vocal
Classical guitar and vocal
Mike Barry sings lead vocal, I'm classical guitar and backing vocals

Conscience (2015)

10 tracks by vaisvil

my latest album (2/27/15) yea... it almost is a RPM - a first for me


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
Alternative with eastern influence
soft rock
Hard Rock
7/4 and awkward with some bite
long looper sort of affair Track 9
6 string bass tracks and drums
Not trying to be preachy - do your own thing by all means - the lyrics reflect what I think about with regard to social responsibility.
Snow and Wind play my electric aeolian harp

Exotic Atoms (2012)

13 tracks by vaisvil

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track 1
track 2
track 3
track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
track 11
Track 12
Track 13

Classical (2640)

109 tracks by vaisvil

Classical Music by Chris Vaisvil


Cannon at the octave on F I spruced this up by playing it twice; once with a pentagon subtractive synth duo + kontakt percussion and then with alto sax + baritone sax + jazz trap set. 6/8 120 BPM
A 4 movement piece for piano loosely a sonata.
This is an improvisation around a few chords I found when experimenting with two simultaneous tunings on my Fender Mustang run through the GR-20 retuned to Arabic 17 note Pythagorean…read more
In 2006 we visited a Japanese garden. In September of 2009 I wrote this piano piece in 17 ET and I hear a connection between the two. So I put together a video from pictures and video taken of our visit and married the two. Please visit the song…read more
I was working on one of my ethno 2 demos and needed a break so I made an improvisation on a series of major 7ths using only the Ethno 2 package. All of the pitched instruments use the included Werckmeister temperament tuning.
Year: 1996 Album: Classical Clones Artist's description: improvisation on my Casio CZ-101 in 20th century classical style. There was no theoretical basis or anything with this. It's all just rock n roll to me ;-) Inspiration…read more
I am working on some demonstration pieces for Mark of the Unicorn's Ethno 2 sample set. This is the first mostly completed piece.
Last Christmas my collaborator and fuzzy inspiration Charlie passed over the rainbow bridge - he was very old for a ferret 9 or 10 years old. He was adopted from a shelter and remained…read more
I *think* this is final version of my 4th MOTU demo - I will see what comments I get, if any. This is a short, more or less middle eastern-ish piece using the Zurna tuning and Mark…read more
Artist's description: This is all in kontakt 4 and is scored for hang drums andean flute choir timpani various percussion Contributors: a 17 edo version is here http://notonlymusic…
This is a piece that uses MOTU Ethno 2. All but percussion and voice were performed my Fender Mustang and midi recorded via Roland GR-20. The piece uses the Almak tuning included in Ethno 2. [Amlak recurrent sequence (x^2 = x + 1/3), as a matrix…read more
This is a little piece dedicated to the lost world island of Socotra that grabs a lot of instrumentation from across Asia with little discrimination - the melodic instruments…read more
There is a video for this below Its all a bit cliche I know - but its what I wanted to do. All of the video footage was taken by me in an undisclosed location somewhere. This is a microtonal piano improvisation that uses Lucy tuning 0b6s meantone…read more
This is was originally for piano and is a fair assessment of my piano playing abilities in 1977 and was written in that year. The original piano version can be had here http://notonlymusic…read more
I had not touched my keyboard for a long time - couple months? So it was inspiring to play it again. I set it up in the living room of the new house and played pianoteq on my laptop using a Just Intonation tuning (below). Actually I had to improvise…read more
Hi - thought I'd throw up an older piece today while I have time (doing work at the new house later). This is an improvisation with my Fender Mustang / Roland GR-20 combination retuned…read more
(a setting of) The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allen Poe LO! 't is a gala night Within the lonesome latter years. An angel throng, bewinged, bedight…read more
December 5, 2009 Album: the pleasure is all mine Artist's description: piano improvisation, edited. Contributors: The Chinese people.
something I wrote for piano a long while ago I'm dusting off and trying to give it new life.
Album: the pleasure is all mine Artist's description: piano improvisation focusing on various non-dominant sevenths
solo piano 22 edo
This is a solo piano improvisation that I performed last year (2009) but have tinkered off and on for a while as a work in progress. It really isn…read more
Today I received my AXiS 49 midi controller from C-Thru Music. It is excellent and has a groovy “selfless” mode that gives one 98 individual notes – more than a standard piano…read more
This is a solo piano performance using an M-Audio 88es midi controller, Pianoteq, and a tuning I…read more
I extended my very short Halloween piece - doubled it in length - not too hard considering it still is only a minute long. This is using the Garritan Personal Orchestra sample set…
All of this is performed - Norm's many percussion devices, Fender Mustang, and GR-20 driven by the guitar for the rest of the voices excepting a bit of a choir at the end.
This piece is part of a review of John O'Sullivan's book The Mathematics of Music. You can read part one here.
This is a solo piano piece performed on a M-Audio 88es driving pianoteq which was re-tuned to Gene Ward Smith's 17 per octave equal beating dwarf(<17 27 40|). The piece was originally…read more
This is an improvisation on a theme I play all the time when I sit at the keys. Sort of a warm up I've been playing for a very long time. It is…read more
song icon by Elaska Free Sue is a work for spoken choir, bowed piano in 18 notes per octave, mallet piano in 18 notes per equal, strummed piano in 18 notes per…read more
details here if you want them
This is an orchestral piece composed in 13 note subset of 31 notes per octave called “Orwell”. The purpose of this piece was to study polyphonic voice leading in a microtonal context. It was realized via Sonar 8.5 and Garritan Personal Orchestra…read more
I read about the Duodene in Doty's book and wanted to try it. I took the opportunity of Margo's scala formatted duodene on the nonoctave forum to toss it into fractal tune smithy and improvise with the tuning. I hope you don't find this too…read more
an improvisation.
this is an ambient version of the choir part for "Its a Noon Medicine"
jpeg is Centaur 2 by SnowSkadi A while back Kraig Grady, the author of the JI tuning "Centaur" asked me to transpose my piece Centaur's Pasture composed in his tuning to different…read more
Layla and Majnun is a classical Arabian love story. It is based on the real story of a young man called Qays ibn al-Mulawwah…read more
This is part of a microtonal tuning survey. for those of a stout constitution all of the options follow: These are playable online here: Here is the original harpsichord version…read more
The complete "how to" article and online play back is on my blog Yesterday I was able to capture the Fractal Tune Smithy…read more
I Am => a piano solo in John O'Sullivan's Blue Temperament Tuning Written with a good friend in mind who has gone to market.
This an improvisation in 17 notes per octave with layered software synthesizers. Specifically, various percussion ensembles, french horn, piano…read more
Well, I finally got my hands on a 17 note per octave electric guitar thanks for Brad Smith, a local Luthier who did a lovely conversion of a Jay Turser strat…read more
This is a serial improvisational piece (excepting some drum loops) in John O’Sullivan’s Blue JI tuning (which I rather like) – all of the instruments, African log drum, Nigerian log drum, Krin slit drum, Teponaxtli, Toere, Kaekeeke, Kalaau…read more
Calculated Electron Orbitals I have been exploring Sonar X1 and one of the ideas on my list was to apply the apreggiator to a piece of music that was classical and used…read more
5 string Ibanez bass solo
Only in Disneyland is a 17 note per octave guitar solo. This was recorded direct in a Alesis multimix 8 into Sonar X1 with Lexicon reverb and Sonitus multiband…
From Wikipedia’s article on the Korean War: UN aerial reconnaissance had difficulty sighting the Chinese PVA units in daytime, because their march and bivouac…read more
Commemorating the epic struggle taking place in Wisconsin (USA) an improvised piece for orchestral, Indian, Chinese, and African percussion plus 3 synthesizers…read more
This Prelude in 18ET comes from a challenge on the microtonal tuning list to write something in the whole tone scale that didn’t sound like Debussy or Satie. This prelude has decidedly…read more
Angels Missing Bill Sethares for simultaneous 12 equal guitar and faux voices in Sethares Neutral 10 tuning More…read more
The music is a repeat - but the video is new. Press "more" Sister Savage had the original idea for the "holy haunted aquariums"
In response to a suggestion of Dr. Ozan Yarman I tried a tuning he created for a different project. I realized the composition using Garritan Personal…read more
This is a piece written for a small ensemble of Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, French Horn and Percussion in harmonic series tuning using a section…read more
11 notes per octave (11 edo) has been a tuning that has generated a lot of music later. Not wanting to be left out I decided to take some time to compose a piece…read more
classical guitar improvisation with loop station.
Fallen Arkansas Blackbirds is inspired by the 2011 New Year's Eve report of thousands of blackbird dead and dying in Beebe Arkansas. Some apparently dead upon impact others…read more
This is a piece scored for flute, bassoon, cello, and double bass => if you want to gory details follow this link
improvisation with pianoteq and hollywood strings I am feeling like all of my improvisations sound the same again. I probably need to devote even more time to scoring…
A simple piece of music looked at from 3 perspectives.
This is a piano improvisation that mixes Pianoteq in Werckmeister III tuning with Cakewalk’s True Piano in 12 equal. What results is a soft phased piano…read more
There have been some discussions on the microtonal list about an isomorphic keyboard I have, the AXiS 49 (pictured above as I played it) and it reminded me I had…read more
There have been some discussions on the microtonal list about an isomorphic keyboard I have, the AXiS 49 (pictured above as I played it) and it reminded me I had…read more
Lucy of the species Australopithecus looks into the distance of Awash Valley in what is now Ethiopia and feels the future of what can be. Performed in Charles Lucy's 0b5s tuning
This is simple test of East-West symphonic choirs solo soprano voice and East-West Hollywood strings contra-bass. I feel its a bit reminiscent of Lord of the Rings…read more
After Creation is an entry into the Vox Novus 15 Minutes of Fame competition for flute and marimba duet. Unfortunately the entry was not accepted for performance…read more
My composition Ediacaran Garden for classical guitar has been selected for performance by Kenji Haba in New York City June 26 2011 as part of the read more
download full quality video (157 MB) This is a guitar piece in classical style in 17 notes per octave using the 17 version of the phyrgian mode. In normal 12 equal tuning phyrgian mode starts on…read more
This is a motet I wrote for theory class slowed down by a factor of 12 and sung by 4 different choirs. A contribution to the ImprovFriday drone fest. And I made a video too.
Minamisoma was a city in Japan that was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami of 3/11/2011. The Angels of Minamisoma is a memorial piece for flute and vibraphone…read more
a video of my performance complete with dancing ferrets. Full quality video
19 note per octave electric guitar, Marshall amp, zoom H2, some footage I shot today and Sony Vegas. Created for ImprovFriday Download the full quality video (191 MB)
This is in some boring typical genre. I just can't figure out which one. Perhaps Wiccan dances for epileptics? Not sure. In Cold Hell, in Thicket is a microtonal musical setting of Charles Olsen reading his poem in 1950 as provided by PennSound…read more
for choir, percussion, piano, hang drum and prisoners.
The story of how I did this is here goodnight.
A collection of four improvisations on 19 note per octave electric guitar. Sucralose Aspartame Cyclamate Saccharin The title is a play on artificial sweeteners and a collection of songs being a suite. Per wikipedia "In music, a suite…read more
if you are interested in windy dialog about the music go here:
Well, I should give some background. Sometimes, for me, the difference in tunings are hard to discern - I don't have perfect or even good relative pitch discrimination. So I can get fooled. The Prelude for a Centaur tuned piano was actually composed…read more
One could use this to compare the changes I made to accommodate the change in tuning because this is the Centaur tuned piece but I changed the master tuning back to "standard" 12 equal.
a new age classical piece for Fender Mustang, Pianoteq Piano, and Requiem Soprano.
This is finger picked (quasi – classical guitar) improvisation with my wife’s Seagull acoustic guitar with Dean Markley soundhole pick up and AKG microphone…
I generally take my Zoom H2 portable digital recorder with me on my trips to music stores to record myself playing equipment I can’t afford to buy. This is one of today’s recordings. June 24th 2011
Not the most accessible tuning - 13 edo splits the octave into 13 instead of 12 parts. So everything is guaranteed to sound different. That could be the charm or the problem for you. This piece focuses more on melody than most of mine.
My plans are to make this used Epiphone C70CE microtonal - but here it is in "normal" 12 equal tuning. Purchased from Guitar Center for $119.99
This is a solo classical guitar piece in 12 equal. The recording was produced by playing an Epiphone C70CE through a Marshall amplifier's clean channel with…read more
Heh, I couldn't believe I forgot to share this with my friends here. Well here is the story. I'm sure you'll only listen once and probably not all the way to the end. Year: 2008…read more
A classical guitar solo recorded via a Zoom H2 under the watchful eye of my cat Belle.
22 Memories of 911 is an improvisation in 22 notes per octave tuning on my AXiS49. The AXiS 49 seems to be especially suited to 22 notes per octave…read more
Composed by Debussy, arranged by me for bowed piano 2 hang drums 2 harps timpani snare drum cymbals
by Michael Praetorius (probably February 15, 1571 – February 15, 1621) was a German composer, organist, and music theorist. He was one of the most versatile composers of his age, being…read more
George Gershwin in 1926 composed read more
An improvisation with string ensemble
A steel string guitar improvisation I did last night before bed called “A Nagging Thought“. The piece prominently features a V+ to i (augmented dominant…read more
A classical guitar solo with a bit of effects.
The show here is the video below. The mp3 is just a stub to allow me to post this to AT though I'd appreciate you clicking it. On June 26th Kenji Haba performed 15 one minute classical guitar pieces as part of the Vox Novus Composer’s Voice…read more
Mozart's famous "Alla Turca" Sonata #11 in A major with period tuning and period pianoforte and period diapason of A4 = 415 Hz. Details
classical guitar solo compete with lots of mistakes and flubbed notes.
part of a 3 piano solo EP found here:
A work in progress - scored in Sibelius for Alto Flute and Classical Guitar
Mindaugas Rex Lithuaniae is a piece for string orchestra – Mindaugas was the only King of Lithuania. details and a picture
everyone gets lied to.
for solo viola, string ensemble, glass marimba, cymbals and electronics using adaptive JI (just intonation) tuning.
Mindaugas Rex Lithuaniae is a piece for string orchestra – Mindaugas was the only King of Lithuania. details and a picture
Rubric’s Cube is a short compositional study for a small chamber ensemble of bassoon, flute, viola, violin, hand bells, and percussion using Lucy tuning…read more
Reverie by Claude Debussy arranged for piano, violins, and violas. Reverie may refer to: A daydream A dreamy state of mind. reverie, an instrumental composition of a vague and dreamy character “Rêverie”, a solo piano piece by Claude Debussy…read more

ambient (2525)

79 tracks by vaisvil

A collection of ambient works by Chris Vaisvil


acid (ice9) aka corn - supernova II audacity brain surgery clones - korg MS2K stratocastor some cassette tapes I found in my box
Fender Mustang guitar, Roland GR-20, and Fractal Tune Smithy Alontone refused to accept the update
A live improvisation on 3 keyboards and a half dozen softsynths plus korg MS2000 in Sonar X1
What? is an improvisation using excerpts of Timo Tuhkanen's Clarinet Improvisation…read more
Ok, on the make micro music list tune smiths are challenging composers to write coherent music with their worst tunings imaginable. This is my result for one…read more
Year: 1983 Album: Land of the Lost Artist's description: Music Concrete This was recorded/performed in 1983 I used reel-to-reel and cassette and LP records and a HP-85 with 16k of ram, custom HP 8bit CPU @ 0.613MHz, running a BASIC program I…read more