WM Recordings

WM Recordings

from Heerlen, Netherlands

Happy Elf - First Contact (2005)

4 tracks by WM Recordings

Happy Elf is the name of multi instrumentalist Jeroen Elfferich’s soloproject. He has released 8 albums since 1999. Happy Elf’s main instruments are his 2 analogue synthesizers, the Roland Juno 6 and Yamaha CS10. But we also hear electric guitar, bass


WM x 100 / 100 x WM (2009)

4 tracks by WM Recordings

Five years, 100 free albums, nearly 1000 free tracks. That's WM Recordings in a nutshell for you. We celebrate our fifth birthday with the release - yes, our 100th! - of this special compilation of cover versions, remixes, and tracks about free, legal music. We hope you'll celebrate with us. WM Recordings is an independent record label, operating from Heerlen, the Netherlands. WM Recordings released its first free album on november 7th, 2004. Exactly five years later it’s time for our 100th release. We bring you an eclectic mix of styles, from Pop to Free Jazz, from Afrobeat to Progressive Rock. Our artists come from all corners of the world. Our free releases can be downloaded directly from our site, or from various other sources, including Last.fm, LegalTorrents, the Free Music Archive and Mininova.


Skryxl - Everything Looks Better On Fire (2008)

5 tracks by WM Recordings

Skryxl is aggressive free improv doom-core from the Southern USA, featuring Marshall Marrotte on bass, Jeff McLeod on guitar and Jeremy Trotter on drums and harmonica. All tracks were recorded live in single takes on a single day in a small room of th


Roy "Chicky" Arad - Sputnik in Love (2005)

3 tracks by WM Recordings

Music\Words\Prod\Instruments By Chicky The album was recorded in Tel Aviv, Oct 2004 – Jan 2005. The album was released on the 7th January 2005. A limited edition run of 100 cd-r's was produced for promotional purposes.