World War Nine

World War Nine

from New Torino, US

About "03 Spook Central Station"

Well this is the third disc of the three-disc set known as “Knockin’ Boots with Seraphim Lepidoptera Inside the 7-11 Bathroom”, which is the live 1979 vinyl-only release from the Amoeba Discs in-store all-acoustic set from the Big Island.

Many forces at play here, both light & dark, but the intention is to encourage the listener to go ahead & spin all three discs at once. Maybe if you have a bubbler or a gravity bong, go hide in the closet for twenty minutes so Mom doesn’t find out before listening to this set.

Lots of conflicts between the current & past members of World War Nine as well as Jack Merlot & the Urban Matadors ( now defunct ) but they all navigated the making of the LP pretty well and have seemed to have weathered the storm without too much ill will this time.

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